Transform Your Life

We offer comprehensive, individualized plans for wellness and restoration from some of the world’s best practitioners. No where else in the world will you receive such a thorough and individualized approach to your health & happiness. We address your needs at the cellular and emotional level.

Quantum Physics Technologies

Our program offers advancements in self-care that you may have never dreamed possible. Ultimate vibration therapy for mind, body, spirit and environment is achieved through technologies such as the Beamer mat, chi machines, biofeedback machine, and the Chrysalis E.

Inner Harmony Yoga & Meditation

The yoga lineage of the Amato Approach is specifically designed to enhance your process to achieve ultimate health and happiness. This practice provides you with the ability to harmoniously move through obstacles that may arise in your life, allowing you to achieve the change you are seeking in your dynamic life.

After Care Community

After you achieve your transformational experience at the Harmony Mountain Institute for Living, our support continues. We offer an ongoing commitment to the provision of resources continuing education, accountability and other opportunities.

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