Our Process & What to Expect

Harmony Wellness Retreats is designed to restore your mind, body and soul connection for ultimate happiness using our Methodology of Metamorphosis based on the Inner Harmony Approach. Focusing on these key areas you will not only achieve true authenticity, alignment and harmony with yourself; but your whole body, mind and spirit will up-level to a state of optimal awareness. By achieving closer alignment with your thoughts, behaviors, body and emotions, you’ll experience the joy of being in touch with the real “you”!

Arrive at a state of joyful awareness and be able to seamlessly move through life experiences after healing yourself on a cellular level. 

This is achieved by our Approach to radical wellness that will give you the knowledge and practice to expand your reality far beyond your current circumstances.

Because no two people are the same, enlightenment and healing come only from an approach specific for you. Your experience at Harmony Mountain allows you to write your own amazing story and begin to impact the environment around you in an unprecedented way.

Take a limitless journey within for a deepening enlightenment and satisfaction within your life.

Totally heal yourself from the inside out and beyond. Examine your individual needs on a cellular level to understand what paths should be taken to restore you to optimal wellness. 

Our tools and techniques used in our Approach are incomparable to anything else in the world.

Feed and fuel your body toward total repair, enlighten your mind, strengthen your spirit and rid yourself of all toxins with a combination of superfoods and high-end supplements. 

Your experience at Harmony Mountain will empower you to understand your specific physical needs and address those needs with our state-of-the-art nutritional methodology.

When you leave Harmony Mountain Institute, you’ll have the knowledge to finally rid yourself of chronic illness, negative thinking and toxic behaviors. You have all the tools to continue this way of living.

Your transformative journey doesn’t stop after you leave Harmony Mountain. Our practitioners offer ongoing support, accountability, continuation retreats and much more. Join our Facebook page→

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